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Rock Solid Relationships

Henk Ensing – Relationship Coach

I help people intentionally create

a meaningful relationship.

I coach couples for intentional change

toward long-lasting, enduring relationships

Rock Solid Relationships

I work as a relationship coach providing practical, research based tools to help couples build long-lasting relationships.

Build lasting intimacy

I hope to help you and your partner to improve your emotional connection and build lasting intimacy.

Research Based Relationship Coaching

I am an Intentionally Intimate Relationship coach providing practical, research based tools to build long-lasting relationships. I am drawn to a non-judgemental style and the capacity to see the root problem. I assist where you and your partner can improve your emotional connection and build lasting intimacy.


I prefer to hold to a non-judgemental style where I can focus upon understanding your problem story and help you to create a new connected story into your future together.

Henk Ensing | Relationships Coach

B.Ed. University of Waikato; Assoc.Sci., BYUH; SMRI – Member of the Resolution Institute -Aus & NZ.;
Post graduate studies in Conflict Resolution within relationships, University of Waikato (2019). More …

A Relationship That Lasts

Relationships can last. They can out-last us – at least, our relationships can out-last our physical bodies. Often lasting requires us to change. It may require change in our partner. However difficult change may be, there is no greater joy than that which can be had within a good, loving, marriage relationship. It can be a place where couples can live in love and unity with respect for each other.

Relationship rebuild

“Marriage is perhaps the most vital of all the decisions and has the most far-reaching effects, for it has to do not only with immediate happiness, but also with eternal joys. It affects not only the two people involved, but also their families and particularly their children and their children’s children down through the many generations.

Spencer W Kimball, Oneness In Marriage.

Meaningful relationships aren’t tactics. They are built on compassion, sincere efforts, and “love unfeigned”


“There is no greater reward, no higher prize than that of an enduring relationship with the one you love. For such a person, no effort is too difficult nor sacrifice too great. Relationships are so precious and well-worth the investment of a lifetime”

Henk Ensing

It’s a date. OK?

Change together!