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About Henk Ensing

Hi, I’m Henk. 

I work with relationships

My practice is focused on relationship repair and transformative couple communications.

In my practice I work with couples like you to: Re-build trust and love, Enable an apology for past hurts, Overcome the arguing, Set and respect relationship boundaries, Get Through the conflict and Get The Love and Trust you want.

My Practice

Relationship repair and healing the wounds

Couple relationship repair with 'The 5 Steps to Apology'
Rebuilding trust and love when 'The Trust' has left The Relationship
Overcoming 'the arguing' and 'the loudness'.
Setting and Respecting Relationship boundaries
Getting through the conflict
Getting the love you want
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Henk Ensing
60 Minute Couple Sessions
Evening Sessions until 9:30 pm
Relationship Reconstruction
Helping you discover the best way forward for you