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Couple Dialog – First steps

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Becoming more desirable partners: Wired for love – Let’s master it

The Death-rattle in a relationship: Defensiveness, Contempt, Criticism and Stonewalling

The defensiveness dance | The loudness and The Talking-over-the-top-of

Stop following: When you chase your partner

Time-out to cool down from anger: Agreeing on rules around taking time-out

Dating each week: Can you both agree on two rules

Responding Non-defensively to your partner: Reflecting

Is now a good time to talk? When being intentional in the relationship feels awkward.

Boundaries around hot topics: Time and place boundaries + Bedrooms are for the two s’s.

The speaker: How can you look after your partner during a couples dialog

The receiver: How can you help your partner feel heard, totally

Summary: How to make a good summary using the couples dialog

That makes sense because: Expressing empathy using the couples dialog

Solving big issues: How to use the couples dialog

5 – 7 unreconcilable differences

A choice when there is anger present in the relationship: I Feel Statements

Preventing the blame-game: Externalizing

How to build trust in the relationships: Turning towards

Bids for connection: How to build more trust

Making a relationship repair: How it affects your emotional bank account balance

Five steps to an apology process that is sincere and lasting

Anxiety in the session: How to overcome the stress with self-care



Why meet with me?

Meeting with me is something you and your partner would have to choose.

  • Do you and your partner have difficult issues in your relationship? About money? About sex?
  • Is there is a struggling-to-talk problem, a talking-over-the-top problem, a not-listening or a not-being-heard problem?
  • Is the loudness (shouting), the criticism, the contempt or the disrespect present in your relationship?
  • Do either of you have trouble respecting each-other's boundaries?
  • Do either of you want to set boundaries?
  • Is there is a loss-of-trust?

If "YES", then perhaps getting help could mean book a session