How we meet

While couples prefer to meet face2face at the start, it seems couples quickly change and prefer to meet with me online.

To make it easy for you to make the change, I don’t charge you for your first (online) session. So its free to try. And you have no obligation to continue to meet with me.

Why the first session is free

4 reasons why I offer the first session free

Try it out online. When you prefer Face2Face, it takes just one session to change your mind and to prefer online sessions.

To get used to using the technology. When you’ve met online once, the following sessions seem easier.

To see how you both feel about meeting online. If you both agree to continue to meet online the following week, then we simply book a session.

To see if you both like me to work with you on your relationship. I also can get all the information and confidentiality agreement sorted at the start of the first session.

Face2Face Sessions

I no longer offer Face2Face meetings. Couples that once prefered face2face, now prefer to meet me on Zoom or Skype. While meeting me online for just one session, they change. Couples see how easy it is to attend. How effective the coaching can be in bringing about change.

I help you try out online couple coaching at no charge. I offer a fees-free first session. Discover how convenient it is to meet online by trying it out. Its also good to see if you find my practice to be a compatible match with you as a couple.

So, I offer you a first session free with no obligation, so you can try out online couple coaching and see it you prefer it.

Meet online

Meet on your device. Couples can meet via Zoom (like Skype).

Suits people who prefer to meet in their own home.

Also, this means you can meet from any place.

Saves travel time.

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