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how to change myself to save my marriage

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After the first session is a good time for couples to decide if this is a good fit for them.

I’ll check in with you at 30 minutes. You can leave the session then. No fee will be charged.

So you can both try it out without worrying about the cost.


The Four steps
Book a session

Book a session on my website booking calendar.

I'll email you

You’ll receive a confirmation email.

Meet in a Session

Meet my at my practice.

I meet each person separately for 4 minutes. Then together for the rest of the 1  hour session.

I’ll check in with you at 30 minutes into the session.

The rest of the 60-min session you meet as a couple, with me.

Good Fit?

The couple decide if the client/practitioner relationship is a good fit for you.

You can book another session if you are both happy with me working with you.



By Email

You can cancel your booking by email.

Late cancellations will incurr a fee.


Txt Me

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your session begins.

Txt or call me at 027 2284 570.