The Practice

About Me (Henk)

Henk Ensing couples relationship help
Hi. I’m Henk

Here are a few words that define what I do (my scope of practice) and who I am (professional identity claims).

The Work I Do

Central to helping couples with their relationship issues is my work situated within narrative-informed relational interviewing with conflicted couple relationships.

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Insights gained from phenomenological (Neubauer & Witkop, 2019) and narrative informed relational conversations, seen here as a qualitative research, are explored with client couples to find a way forward in accordance with their hopes for the future relationship.

I see utility in every couple session being seen to be research into how the conflict is situated within the relationship.

My research is done with the relationship, for the relationship. Insights from these conversations inform the decentered yet influencial position I take up during couple sessions.


Neubauer BE, Witkop CT, Varpio L. How phenomenology can help us learn from the experiences of others. Perspect Med Educ. 2019 Apr;8(2):90-97. doi: 10.1007/s40037-019-0509-2. PMID: 30953335; PMCID: PMC6468135.

Henk Ensing couples relationship help

Path of Study

My choice of papers show a path of study, topics I’ve sought out, the learning trajectory I’m drawn to that circumscribes my practice.

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However, the most helpful learning comes from a rigorious habit of daily reading the literature and reflexive writing.

Insights have been recieved while consulting the lives of the many couples who meet with me as we unravel some of the negative conclusions they have may reached about their identity under the influence of the problems that inhabit their relationships.

Couple seeking a marriage counsellor in Hamilton.

My education circumscribes the scope of my practice. My work is founded upon an associate of science degree, a bachelor’s degree and is braced by postliminary studies in couple conflict including a PLI in Advanced Narrative Therapy through VSNT (2023).

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UnderGraduate Degrees

AS. BYUH., B Ed. UoW

Postliminary (PLI & IPCs)

Advanced Skills in Narrative Practice (2023) – Relationships are Relational: Narrative therapy informed Relational Interviewing with conflicted Couple Relationships. VSNT, CECs recognised by the CCPA.

Clinical specialist training in counselling to attend to Sexual addiction and partner trauma in couple relationships: A multi-dimentional model to attend to complex trauma, MPTM, (2022) APSATS.

Post Graduate IPC in Conflict Resolution: Restorative Approaches (COUNS 546), (2019) UoW


Abbreviations ...

APSATS = Association of Partners of Sexual Addiction Trauma Specialists (an international non-profit organisation)

AS = Associate of science degree

B.Ed = Batchelor’s degree in Education

BYUH = Brigham Young University Hawaii Campus

CCPA = Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

CEC = Continuing Education Credits

COUNS = Counselling

IPC = Individual Paper Credit usually of one semester

MPTM = Multidimentional Partner Trauma Model

PG = PostGraduate

PLI = PostLiminary Intensive Training

Postliminary = outside of the graduate program or after graduating, including post graduate work

UoW = University of Waikato

VSNT = Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy



International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors


Peer Supervision with a qualified counselling supervisor (weekly)

External Supervision from a qualified counselling supervisor (monthly).

Who I Am (Identity Claim)

It can be seen that ‘who I am’ professionally, can more clearly be described through ‘what I do’.

I facilitate narrative-informed conversations that research the history, landscape, and hoped-for outcomes of couple relationships.

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My professional identity claim calls for an ‘active verb’ description of my work. It does not accept noun labels. 

This identity claim rejects the titles of researcher, counsellor, coach and teacher in favour of a more accurate way to describe ‘who I am’ within the domain of my work.

My professional identity calls for a claim description through the work I do and the outcomes that are hoped for. 

I am a man who intercedes where a couple’s hoped-for outcomes are to find a way to go-on in the relationship, with each other. I negotiate a way to take them beyond the conflict. 

That’s who I am within this work domain. 

My professional identity claim is described by what I do within my scope of practice. 

Henk Ensing couples therapy

Years in Practice

Most recent year of study

My practice is drawn from a description penned by Michael White.

The location of my practice is described as that of “other thinkers who locate themselves within the broad field of family therapy” (White, 2011). 

Michael White (2011), Narrative Practice: Continuing the Conversations, p4.

Description of My Practice

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My work is that of narrative informed relational interviewing with conflicted couple relationships.

I do not work in other areas as do family counsellors i.e. individual work, mental health issues, clinical diagnostic work, grief counselling, drug and alcohol addictions, educational issues and rehabilitation. Depression and anxiety are also positioned outside my scope of practice.

My work is about finding ways that those who consult me can go-on in a renewed, healthier relationship with the same person.

Relationship Counselling
Session Notes

I take and keep notes during each session. The notes are expressly for tracking client progress so that I can accurately resume your relationship work at future sessions.