Professional Practice

My Practice


Henk Ensing

B Ed

Assoc. Sci.

Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456

RI. IAMFC – Resolution Institute + International Association of Family Counsellors

“I work with couples and relationships.”

professional practice
Continuing Professional Development

Narrative Practice Certification Module, The Dulwich Centre, South Australia


B Ed University of Waikato.

Assoc. Sci. BYUH., Laie, USA.

Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456 Conflict Resolution: Restorative Approaches, University of Waikato



Resolution Institute + International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors


I have both peer supervision and I also seek supervision from a qualified supervisor.

She is a member, registered with the NZ Association of Counsellors (NZAC).


All matters discussed within the session are kept confidential. This means I don’t disclose anything we talk about to a third party.

Undergraduate Degrees

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Unconditional Positive Regard

Henk Ensing

Within my practice I offer confidentiality and the belief to offer unconditional positive regard to all participants in the session, without regard to age, ethnicity or gender.  In doing so, I strive for fairness by seeking balance and equality around speaking and listening across both participants within the session.

I believe that each person’s story has an equal right to be told. And to be heard.

My Practice


Client/Practitioner Agreement

I invite all clients to enter into a Client/Practitioner Agreement before our first meeting or session. This is to seek total transparency about how I work before any work is begun. This sharing helps you know what to expect.

Disclosure Statement

My disclosure statement is here for all to see.

Scope of Practice

I offer relationship services exclusively listed within my Scope of Practice document. I do not offer any services outside of the scope of practice to which I subscribe.

Professional Memberships

IAMFC – International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors.

I hold membership, registered with with Resolution Institute (RI), the largest organization supporting couple conflict resolution in Australia and New Zealand. Couple Relationship Insights come from my subscription to a post modern approach.

Session Notes

I take and keep notes during each session. The notes are expressly for tracking client progress so that I can accurately resume your relationship work at future sessions. 


My commitment 

New clients engage in a client-practitioner agreement where the commitment holds me to serve each client professionally