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Henk Ensing

B Ed

Assoc. Sci.

Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456

RI. IAMFC – Resolution Institute + International Association of Family Counsellors

“I work with couples and relationships.”

professional practice
Continuing Professional Development

Narrative Practice Certification Module, The Dulwich Centre, South Australia


B Ed University of Waikato.

Assoc. Sci. BYUH., Laie, USA.

Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456 Conflict Resolution: Restorative Approaches, University of Waikato



Resolution Institute + International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors


I have both peer supervision and I also seek supervision from a qualified supervisor.

She is a member, registered with the NZ Association of Counsellors (NZAC).


All matters discussed within the session are kept confidential. This means I don’t disclose anything we talk about to a third party.

Undergraduate Degrees

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Unconditional Positive Regard

Henk Ensing

Within my practice I offer confidentiality and the belief to offer unconditional positive regard to all participants in the session, without regard to age, ethnicity or gender.  In doing so, I strive for fairness by seeking balance and equality around speaking and listening across both participants within the session.

I believe that each person’s story has an equal right to be told. And to be heard.

My Practice


Give Your Consent
Please give your consent for me to work with you before your first session.

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Disclosure Statement

My disclosure statement is here for all to see.

Scope of Practice

I offer relationship services exclusively listed within my Scope of Practice document. I do not offer any services outside of the scope of practice to which I subscribe.

Professional Memberships

IAMFC – International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors.

I hold membership, registered with with Resolution Institute (RI), the largest organization supporting couple conflict resolution in Australia and New Zealand. Couple Relationship Insights come from my subscription to a post modern approach.

Session Notes

I take and keep notes during each session. The notes are expressly for tracking client progress so that I can accurately resume your relationship work at future sessions. 


My commitment 

New clients engage in a client-practitioner agreement where the commitment holds me to serve each client professionally