Help me find a marketing alliance

I am looking for a marketing alliance –  a business that is the right fit as an ally to our social purpose enterprise. I need help to find this marketing ally. Perhaps you can help?

Rock Solid Relationships is a relationship coaching service for couples. Based in Hamilton, NZ, we offer couple coaching via the internet and want to move into Face2Face coaching in 2020.

To extend into Face2Face coaching in 2020, we need a marketing alliance – a business ally.

An extended reach via goodwil

An alliance with Rock Solid Relationships extends the alliance company’s ‘marketing reach’.  Our ‘marketing reach’ targets the full ‘NZ couple’ sector. Our service is delicious to them. They trust our social purpose enterprise because of it’s nature. We bring ‘trust’ to the table. 

We can help an ally to reach this market sector in a way that they cannot reach on their own. A joint marketing alliance means they will carry the trust that comes with associating with our social purpose enterprise.  They will be associated with the goodwill of coaching couples and families in their intimate relationships.  Our target clients are young to middle age couples with some late middle aged. An ally with the same target market sector would create the synergy for which we hope.

Reaching markets you cannot reach on your own

We hope to find a business that wants to look like they care for families. In an alliance with Rock Solid Relationships they will be able to reach markets that can only be reached by a social purpose enterprise who attends to the needs of couple relationships.

Target market: NZ couples, young to middle aged

It is hoped that the alliance marketing manager can create a joint plan and strategy involving photos of happy Kiwi couples in happy relationships.

Rock Solid Relationships do not need the marketing from this alliance. We need help in another area from the ally, or alliance company.


What we need

We hope the marketing ally will be able to solve our therapy practice room problem. Rock Solid Relationships has no room from which to work Face2Face with clients in Hamilton.

I’m not at all sure about how to find an ally that can help us into a Hamilton office. We do not wish to find a room without involvement of a business marketing ally.

We have neither premises nor funds up-front to rent a premises.  We expect client payments from Face2Face couple coaching will cover the room cost within seven months. It is this period with which we need the an ally help.  Bridging this gap is what we need from an ally.

Can you help us in our search for a marketing ally?

A long-term alliance perhaps could mean initial premises costs could be recovered over a few years meaning the net cost to the ally may be zero. And they would be seen to be the sole ally of this service that will make their business ‘shine out’ as a friend to families and couples.

Can you help with that?

The coaching office requirements

We can work from a room large enough for art-therapy. That means it does not need to be tidy, it needs to have light and space to work.  Access to a client toilet is important as sometimes clients bring their children. Wifi for training is needed. At times couples bring their children, as they have no sitters, or cannot afford sitters. Enough room for children to play while I coach the parents would be best. An 18 square meter room is perfect. Larger is better. A 16 square meter room is a tight fit – yet still adequate.

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Henk Ensing coaches couples in skills for joyful, lasting, relationships.

Skilled in role-plays, he coaches couples who want to restore their connection and make their love last. 

Henk applies daily use of the key relationship skills, with Jenny, the girl he married over 33 years ago. Henk offers Relationship Coaching via Zoom across New Zealand. He helps couples in conflict by empowering them with skills right from the first session.

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