I offer a 30 minute free trial. This is for you to discover if my practice is a good fit for the relationship.

How it Works

Book in a 1-hour session on my website. Find a time that suits you both. There’s a booking app on the menu.

The First 30 minutes

The first 30 minutes is about finding out about you both. About the relationship. Questions about what is happening in the relationship. This 30 minutes is when I ask you about what is going on and what has gone on in the past.

Do you want to continue?

I’ll check-in with you 30 minutes into the session. I’ll tell you how I would help you moving forward in the relationship. At 30 minutes into the session, I’ll be able to have some idea of how I would help in the relationship.

You can choose to leave or go ahead. If you leave at 30 minutes, there is no fee. You do not need a reason. You can both choose at that point what you would prefer to do. You’ll be able to make an informed decision.

If you choose to stay-on, we will continue working on your relationship for 30 minutes more, and this will be a full, chargable, session.

Couple coaching alternative to marriage counsellor in Hamilton.