Keep your relationship.

Change your talk.

And don't let discomfort widen the gap between you both.

Henk will work with you, as a couple, to seek connection, transparency, and improved communication in the relationship you share. Delaying your first session allows the gap between you to widen.

Relationships IPRE

Henk Ensing


I work with couples and relationship issues in Frankton, Hamilton.

Meeting with me:

In each session, our conversation negotiates possible paths for you both through the challenging terrain of conflict towards a path of reconnection and healing.

The NIRI (Narrative Informed Relational Interviewing) session explores any possible ways that love can be restored, and past hurts can be healed by fostering connecting ways of moving forward within the relationship.

With an invitation to insight and a focus on improved ways of thinking about the relationship, each session offers to empower couples with ways to navigate their challenges and rediscover the love that brought them together in the first place.


Make a Time

Carve out 60 minutes to stop the widening gap. Book your session together. Think of it as your weekly date!

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Prioritize keeping the relationship by not allowing your relationship session to get derailed.

Marriage Counsellor

Open a Conversation

In the session Henk will invite a conversation about the relationship.

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Feel heard again in equal power-sharing conversations about the relationship.

Negotiate ways to talk, and ways to get relational space from each other, with consent. Where there's no following. Make intimacy possible again. Begin the process of connecting. Stop the widening gap.

Marriage Counsellor Hamilton


$135 per session  Individual or couple is the same.

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By booking 3 - 4 sessions, one week apart, you are more likely to reserve the time-slots that work best for you.

This means it is more likely that you will be successful in following through and getting timely followup.

You can easily cancel, right up to 24 hours befor any session. Simply send a text.  Or email.

Couple coaching alternative to marriage counsellor in Hamilton.

Find a time to meet with Henk

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