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How do I book a session?

Easy steps to book a session.

  1. Tap on any date below
  2. Available timeslots will be listed in orange
  3. Tap a timeslot (that is not greyed out). 
  4. Enter your details.
  5. Submit.

Done! You are booked in.


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How to book 4 sessions ahead

Yes. On the calendar…

  1. Tap the date (first session).
  2. Tap the time.
  3. Tap the date (second session).
  4. Tap the time.
  5.  etc…
  6. Enter your details. Tap SUBMIT.

You will have booked time-slots for several sessions.

How to get a session today

I keep 2 drop-in sessions available each day. Relationships A&E.

Call 027 2284 570 if you need to meet today.

You can change your booked session time and day by booking a new session time on the booking form above, then requesting me to delete the wrong session time here .