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Marriage counselling hamilton

When the relationship gets stuck, stopped or de-railed, I help you to explore ways to go-on in the relationship

Henk Ensing
RI. IAMFC. Couple communication
B.Ed., NZ. Assoc. Sci., USA HI.
Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456.

Relationship counseling hamilton for you

Relationships sometimes seem to get de-railed. Perhaps the love seems to have disappeared. Or it may seem that communication has almost stopped. Or turned defensive.

It may seem that the relationship is smaller or further away. Or strained. Perhaps physical intimacy is no longer present.

Marriage counselor Hamilton for you

When the relationship feels stuck, stopped or de-railed, I work with couples to create their own new path forward. Their new path together can make communication a strength in their new relationship together.

The new path forward can include the possibility of them to listening to, and to feeling heard by, each other.

 Marriage counsellor hamilton for couples

Re-railing your relationship may put you both on a new track. A new, intentional and improved path together. A trajectory where you both grow closer. An intentional track to become more desirable partners who listen and feel heard.

I help you both to intentionally choose your track forward together – to a new and more enduring relationship.

Couples counseling

You’ll care for a most valuable part of your life – the relationship.

Don’t leave the success of your future together to chance. Ask for help to communicate and explore ways to go-on in the relationship.

Plan it. Do it. Live it.


Henk Ensing
Member of International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors
working in the area of couple communications



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I help couples to navigate their journey to togetherness on issues of difference (hot topics)
Become more desirable partners through improved couple communication
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Henk Ensing
RI. IAMFC COUPLE Communication
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Couples therapy exercises to try at home

Couples therapy exercises and activities
  • Practice partner yoga together.
  • Identify your partner’s love. language.
  • Pencil in one-on-one time.
  • Fill your intimacy bucket.
  • Get crafty.
  • Find deeper topics to engage with.
  • Express appreciation.
  • Schedule important conversations.