Rock-Solid Relationships

Coaching couples so they can “know how to go-on” in a relationship”.

    Couple Coaching

    Couple coaching is a multi-faceted methodology for facilitating intentional, positive change in a relationship.

    An individual, or couple, meets in therapy for the purpose of attaining valued relationship improvement with therapeutic outcomes.

    These outcomes can come after learning and practicing skills in just one or two sessions.

    Narrative Relationship Mediation

    When conflict visits the relationship, or moves in permanently, conflict coaching can help to find lasting resolution. This therapy is different than mediated conflict resolution as the goal of the therapy to to help you both to ‘go-ahead’ in the relationship.

    Loosening the grip on Conflict

    Kiwi couples are coached so that on-going dialogue is the goal rather than a fixed agreement that ends the conversation

    Incompatibilities between partners practically guarantees conflict at some point in the relationship. We coach you in finding a way forward.
    Many differences that were barely noticed during courtship can become a source of conflict. We coach you in skills to help you on how to go-on together.
    Our approach is based in part on the premise that if the proper conditions are created in therapy, partners can build a closer relationship because of their conflict areas.
    Couples with irreconcilable differences and unsolvable problems can learn ways to work things out through coaching despite these differences and problems.

    Resolving couple conflict and incompatibilities


    Some of your incompatibilities will be important ones. Partners will not be able to slough them off as insignificant or treat them with indifference.