Rock Solid Relationships

My work is to assist individuals and couples in their quest for a perfect relationship together.

The Lifelong Quest

The aims of couple sessions are to be healing and character building, leading each couple to an enduring relationship, i.e. a couple relationship that lasts forever and improves over time.

The aims include an invitation to you both to strive to create goodwill in the relationship and to help each of you to honour each other’s boundaries.

The Aims of Couple Sessions

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Personal Statement of Belonging

I strive to create a practice where belonging is fostered. We as humans experience wide diversity across beliefs and values. This diversity can be expected in those who seek my help. 

Amidst this diversity, I strive for an inclusive practice where people of diverse beliefs can feel a sense of belonging.

Belonging and inclusivity invites any, and all, to find an equal place in my practice.

I hope you’ll find that you belong here.

The 3 Areas of My Work with Couples: 

1. Full Disclosure, 2. Communication and 3. Issues.

  • cheating
  • full disclosure
  • honesty
  • transparency
  • partner betrayal trauma

  • feeling not heard
  • loudness
  • talking over
  • bickering
  • can't talk / won't talk
  • stonewalling
  • criticism
  • following
  • relational space
  • defensiveness
  • communicating love

  • loss of love
  • physical intimacy frustration
  • boundaries
  • irreconcilable differences
  • cognitive distortions
  • helpful cycles
  • unhelpful cycles


  • Post-relationship trauma and healing
  • Post-relationship recovery process

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"I work with couples and relationships in the areas of couple communication, relationship recovery and rebuilding trust and love."

"Research-based relationship tools and couple communication skills seem to enable couple connection and intimacy."

Henk Ensing

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In the couple session …

Talk about the issues or hot topics

Learn how to communicate with each other

Change your future together


"When there's a struggle to communicate, intentional communication can bring hope and change."

Couples are often surprised at how relationship change can occur in when intentional communication is engaged and adopted.

This is non-clinical transformative relationship work."

Non-Clinical Relationship Work

My work is focused on relationship dynamics. This is to the exclusion of Mental Health Disorders (MHD) that may be contributing or cohabiting. Because I don't attend to MHD, it can be described as non-clinical work. While I do work with relationships where MHD are present, I suggest couples go to a clinical psycologist for MHD.

Scope of Practice

Instead of focusing on mental disorders, my focus is on improving relationship dynamics and couple communication.

Identifying cognitive distortions and gaining insight into helpful and unhelpful cycles that may be playing out is part of my work.


In 2022 I completed the APSATS MPTM Training program. This is The Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model Training (MPTM) provided by The Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS).

"For Zoom, make your appointment before noon. For F2F, make your appointment for after midday."

When to meet with me

Zoom meetings can only happen in the mornings.

F2F Afternoons

Face2Face meetings happen in the afternoons and evenings.