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Don’t wait too long to ask for help

Most couples wait too long before getting help. Your relationship is like a car. Don’t wait until it starts making banging noises before you get it serviced.

Learn how to deal with differences between you

Improving in your relationship may mean facing your differences. You may notice big changes, some during the first session.

Couples Coaching

Shape your relationship

 Couple Talk

Coached conversations on difficult issues can be a turning point for your relationship. Issues can be about money, power and control, intimacy with others, or any relationship issue. 

Learn with a coach

Rather than trying to discover how to get along, by yourselves, learn with a coach.

Hi, I’m Henk

I am a relationship coach. I’ll coach you both in the nine skills that can transform your relationship.

More About me …

When you cannot talk to each other


Relationship coaching can help when you cannot talk together, when you speak over the top of each other, when voices are raised, when you do not feel heard or understood, or respected.

Henk - Relationship Coach

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Get a baby sitter

Get a baby sitter

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After hours Sessions

After hours Sessions

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