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Henk Ensing
B.Ed., NZ. Assoc. Sci., USA HI.
Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456.
Resolution iNstitutE. International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors

The work I do is with couple relationships. Casualties in couple relationships need triage to help deal with the huge upset when trust is lost. When the immediate problem is explored together, The Problem can be addressed. Then discussed. The hurt can be assessed.

Often, partners don’t know how to work through the steps to an apology for past hurts. The arguing seems to get in the way. I’ll help you both through that difficulty. Then, setting and respecting relationship boundaries is often an important process to ensure future safety in the family. In the relationship.

I bring awareness and insights to the conversation to take you through the conflict. The insights I bring help in building trust, and after a time, there’s hope that love will grow new again.

Relationships and couples’ histories are diverse. It is not one size fitting all. I see what is needed for each couple and work with that. It is nice for me to see couples heal and to be able to move ahead, or go-on in the relationship. Seeing into the relationship is the hard work I do. Hard, yet important work.

There’s a greatness I see in individuals as they choose and change. As they use the tools. Seeing trust and joy return to what looked like a doomed relationship, is just an amazingly great experience in my work.

I’m Henk, and this is the work I do.

Why marriage coaching works

I work with couples and relationships. Marriage Coaching is a part of the work I do.

The Marriage Coaching work I do is around communication and relationship tools to help couples to communicate without the loudness or the anger.

I’m Henk. My practice is in 63 Kent Street, Frankton, Hamilton. NZ. 

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The work I do is around Five Areas …

Couple relationship repair using a 5-Step apology process
Rebuilding trust and love when 'The Trust' has left The Relationship
Couple Communication Tools: Overcoming 'the arguing' and 'the loudness'.
Setting and Respecting Relationship boundaries
Getting through the conflict using Winslade's Conflict Coaching Approach
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