Keep your relationship.

Reconnect. Flourish.

And don’t let discomfort widen the gap between you both.


Henk works with couples who seek connection, transparency, and improved communication.

Couple seeking a marriage counsellor in Hamilton.

These couple sessions seek out the changes you need, to go-on, in better ways.

Henk negotiates couple-talk where communication invites you to change the relationship in helpful ways.


Hi, I'm Henk.

My work is with couples and relationships where conflict is present. When you both meet with me in a session we can make a start. Booking a session may be your first step on your path forward toward reconnecting.

When walls go up

Sometimes, relationships encounter obstacles that can derail them. When walls go up and communication breaks down, healing past hurts becomes difficult.

Rebuilding Trust

Partners may feel unheard, especially if trust has been compromised. Rebuilding trust requires transparency, often facilitated through private conversations between partners.

When contempt is present

However, if communication is hindered by contemptuous behaviors such as talking over each other, raised voices, name-calling, labeling, or blaming, it becomes challenging to address issues constructively.

Delaying the couple conversation

Additionally, stonewalling or delaying discussions further impedes progress, indicating the need for outside assistance to facilitate effective communication, particularly on sensitive topics.

Attending to the issues

By addressing the challenges, relationships might be able to find a foothold, and perhaps with new ways of communicating and connecting, flourish.


Make a Time

Carve out 60 minutes to stop the widening gap. Book your session together. Think of it as your weekly date!

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Prioritize keeping the relationship by not allowing your relationship session to get derailed.

Marriage Counsellor

Open a Conversation

In the session Henk will invite a conversation about the relationship.

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Feel heard again in equal power-sharing conversations about the relationship.

Negotiate ways to talk, and ways to get relational space from each other, with consent. Where there's no following. Make intimacy possible again. Begin the process of connecting. Stop the widening gap.

Marriage Counsellor Hamilton


$135 per session / couple

Most couples book 3 - 4 sessions, one week apart.

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By booking 3 - 4 sessions, one week apart, you are more likely to reserve the time-slots that work best for you.

This means it is more likely that you will be successful in following through and getting timely followup.

You can easily cancel, right up to 24 hours befor any session. Simply send a text.  Or email.

Couple coaching alternative to marriage counsellor in Hamilton.

The sooner you have the conversation, The better for your relationship.

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