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Having trouble communicating with your partner? Book a couple session to practice relationship tools.  Talk about the issues.


I’m Henk. Meet with me to work on the relationship.


Couple sessions that address the Hard Issues

I assist to couples to begin using relationship tools for better ways to talk.

You’ll practice in the session with me helping you both.

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Henk Ensing
Couple communication
B.Ed., NZ. / Assoc. Sci., USA HI. / Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456.

yourRelationship counseling hamilton for you

When the couple communication breaks down, I can help you to address the hard issues. 

Explore ways to heal the relationship.


Henk Ensing
Member of International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors
working in the area of couple communications

30-minute Trial Services Guarantee

  • No obligation.
  • 30 minutes.
  • No fee guarantee. 

Allows you 30 minutes to see if The Practice is a good fit for you both.

I’ll check in with you at 30 minutes into the first session.  You can leave at no charge. Or stay and be charged for the full hour.

So no stress.

1 hour Sessions

Zoom – Phone – Face2Face 

In the couple session …

Talk about the issues. Have conversations about the hot topics. Learn and practice a new way of talking together, without arguing.

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