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Rock Solid Relationships

  • stop the conflict
  • stop unhelpful cycles
  • discuss the issues
  • change your future together


Sessions For Couples – It’s Time To Face The Issues



Couple sessions that address the hard issues

  • begin using relationship tools for better ways to talk

  • You’ll practice in the session with me helping you both

Research Based

For each spouse, emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction likely affects your partners’ communication and your own relationship satisfaction.

The 2022 research on this ...

“Within spouses (for each spouse), emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction mediated the association between spouses’ appraisal of their partners’ communication and their own relationship satisfaction.”

“Gender differences were revealed in terms of how a spouse’s perception of sexual satisfaction is associated with his or her partner’s relationship satisfaction. In this study, although wives’ relationship satisfaction was not associated with their husbands’ sexual satisfaction, husbands tended to report high levels of relationship satisfaction when their wives reported greater sexual satisfaction.”

“Findings suggest that both components of intimacy—emotional and sexual—should be comprehensively addressed in research and clinical work with couples (Roels, R. et al., 2022).”


1. Roels, R., Rehman, U.S., Goodnight, J.A. et al. Couple Communication Behaviors During Sexual and Nonsexual Discussions and Their Association with Relationship Satisfaction. Arch Sex Behav 51, 1541–1557 (2022).


Both components of intimacy, emotional and sexual, can be addressed.

Improved couple communication can attend to these components of intimacy.

Couples sessions can help you heal, grow, and thrive together.

Rebuild your connection.

Discover the underlying patterns in your relationship that are the root of the problems.

Henk Ensing
Couple communication
B.Ed., NZ. / Assoc. Sci., USA HI. / Post Graduate IPC COUNS 456, University of waikato


Member of International Association
of Marriage and Family Counsellors
working in the area of couple communications

In the couple session …

Talk about the issues or hot topics

Learn how to communicate with each other

Change your future together


Get help with the relationship

Become fluent at communicating with each other

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Afternoon Face2Face sessions

I meet with couples all across New Zealand Aotearoa, via Zoom in the mornings, and Face2Face meetings in the afternoons and evenings. 

Couples may live in different cities and simply connect via a confidential Zoom link for a private couple session any weekday morning.