Early Cancellations

There is no fee for cancellations up to 4 hours before your appointment.

Sickness & Self-Isolation

If you are self isolating, or sick, let me know As soon as possible. Do not come to the session.

If you or children within your care are sick, let me know at least 1 hour before the session start-time. You will not be charged if you reschedule due to sickness or self-isolation, and reschedule at least 1 hour before the session.

Late Cancellations (less than 4 hrs)

With less than 4 hours notice, the session time is more difficult to be filled. Perhaps it will not able to be filled at late notice. People need time to schedule their sessions and arrange baby sitters.

In the Client/Practitioner agreement, we agree that cancellations will be charged. The rate is 40% of the session fee for a late cancellation.

We will agree to this before you begin a session by you digitally signing it on the Client/Practitioner Agreement before we meet, and again, signing it in person when we meet in your first session. Both of you will need to sign to agree to this in your first session.

Late Cancellation Fees

$50 if paid within 3 days.

$58 if paid 4 or more days.