I’m Henk. I’ve been married for 36 years. We have six children. Many grandchildren. More on-the-way too. I’m married to Jenny who is a relationships counsellor in the Community Centre.

I studied in Laie, Hawaii, and I worked on post graduate studies at University of Waikato. I currently am studying through distance learning at The Dulwich Centre, a gateway to narrative therapy.

I work a secular (non-religious) way, and use research-based tools and secular approaches in my practice.

Outside of the session, I seek help from a higher power, God, to bless me with the critical thinking and much needed insight for when I work later in the session.

I’m also open to couples inviting inspired help from a higher power before the session; Inviting additional help into the secular work we do together to improve the relationship; Help to heal past hurts; Relief from the present pain in the relationship; Increased ability to learn and to use the relationship tools; Strength to go forward in the relationship; Insight into personal awareness and critical thinking around the responses and the communication. Couples need all this.