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We/I have requested the relationship couple session(s).

Confidentiality (Keeping things private)

We will aspire to hold to the iAMFC Code of Ethics. I consent to this.

All we discuss is confidential with the a few exceptions as listed in the disclosure document at I consent to this.

Scope of Practice

I have read the Scope of Practice, at , and I consent to the scope of practice provided by The Practitioner including their specific focus on relationships between couples.

I have read and understand the Disclosure Statement at and agree to this

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Rock Solid Relationships requires 48 hours notice when rescheduling or cancelling appointments. Bookings changed within the notice period will incur a fee of 1/2 the session rate. All non-attendance will incur the full fee and you will be invoiced. Thank you for respecting these conditions when booking your appointment.

I agree to conditions for rescheduling, cancelling and non-attendance.