Couples Communication: Tools to Connect, De-Escalate, and Improve Your Ability to Talk About the Tough Stuff

Some relationship tools are helpful in de-escalating a growing conflict. Here are some of these.

Time Out

When you have awareness that there is anger present. Or perhaps you just need some relational space between you both. You can claim time out.

‘Time Out’ is an agreement

You both can agree, now, that whenever either of you claim Time Out, it will be allowed.

  • It’s an agreement
  • You claim it
  • No permission is required

Time Out Rules

As a couple, you might like to agree to at least two rules.

The rules to which some couples agree:

  • Say “I am claiming Time Out”
  • Say where you are going
  • Say when you will be back

That’s it.

Allowing each other the choice of Time Out means we will not talk to them. We will not follow them. It means we will grant them relational space. Time to recover, think or heal. Time to cool down.

Time Out can be a great relationship tool to de-escalate a heated conversation.

Other Tools

Perhaps it can be hard to communicate with your spouse.
Sometimes conflicts tend to lead to arguments.
or it’s hard for you and your partner to de-escalate when upset with each other.
You want to feel more confident in expressing your needs to your partner.

You will learn how to express your needs and beliefs while also being able to listen to the needs and beliefs of your partner – yes this is hard and yes it can be done and this is exactly the focus of this workshop.

You’ll end the workshop feeling empowered with new skills to use in your home.

This 60-minute couple session includes 2 minutes each of individual work and a 15-minute couple dialog.

It’s not a group workshop. It’s a couple session. Only you and your partner will be present, with Henk.

To be clear, purchasing a session does initiate a client-practitioner relationship with Henk Ensing. This couple coaching session can be part of a weekly series of visits for couple help with only you and your partner present.

Book a session with only you and your partner – meeting with Henk Ensing in Frankton, Hamilton, New Zealand.