Disclosing Truth after Betrayal with Dan Drake, Janice Caudill & Dr. Jake Porter

I use the Full Disclosure process discussed by Dan Drake and Janice Caudill, along with the choices it offers those going through discovery.

So it seems helpful to gain understanding about how discovery of sexual betrayal erodes safety, trust and intimacy in relationships.

This brings devastation to the partner and the relationship. So how do we start the process of healing after sexual betrayal?

One major way to begin healing is through a formal disclosure process, facilitated by a professional. In this post and interview, we’ll explore what a formal disclosure is, as well as the benefits and risks of doing a disclosure.

We’ll address best practices in the full disclosure process, including exploring different options for how these disclosures can take place.
We’ll utilize resources we’ve created for facilitating safe and effective disclosures, and how couples can begin to heal after sexual betrayal.