When you are the receiver in a conversation, it helps the speaker if they think that ‘you get it!’.

That you more than just hear them, that you really get what they have said.

A simple empathy statement can help with that.


Scripted phrase

Start your empathy statement with this scripted phrase…

“It makes sense that you …”


If you start out with these words, you are already on a good track.

Remember, it’s not about you or what you understand.

It’s not about telling them that you get it.

It is about showing them.


3 Examples:

“It makes sense that you feel disappointed because you prefer the sink bench to be clean.”

“It makes sense that you are angry because nobody listened to you.”

“It makes sense that you went home because nobody spoke to you.”


Keep it brief

You only need to show empathy for one part.

Not everything that was said.

Look for how they felt.

Look for what they wanted.

Or what they did.

Look for the reason they gave for wanting something different.