Rock Solid Relationships

Thoughts on Responsibility

Insights from the work of Michael White

I continually question the thinking I support in therapeutic conversations.

"As therapists, we are responsible for the consequenses of what we do, say and think" and "we have a special responsiblity to consider the ways in which we may have unwittingly reproduced assumptions about life and identity that are disqualifying of diversity in people's acts of living, and the ways in which we may have inadvertantly colluded with the power relations of local culture" (White, M., 2007), social discourse or assumed beliefs.

I strive to continually question the metaphors I support in therapeutic conversations as part of this special responsibility.


White, Michael. 2007, Maps of Narrative Practice, 2007, pp 30-31).

Thoughts on Responsibility - Henk Ensing

The work I do is narrative informed relational interviewing with conflicted couple relationships.

I have a postliminary certificate in advanced skills in this work.