Payment Plans

Pay Later

Pay in full within 4 – 20 days

$145 per session

Prompt Payer

Pay in full

within 3 days

$125 per session

5 Sessions

Direct debit

$25 / Week

25 weekly payments

You can pay online from your phone and get a lower prompt-payer rate per session.


Or set up Direct Debit payments over 25 weeks


You can change your appointment time right up to 4 hours before the booked meeting time, at no cost.

Late rescheduling and late cancellations within 4 hours of the booked time will be charged at 40% of the full price.

3 Payment Plans

Find a plan that suits your cashflow

How can I pay less?

Pay within 3 days to get the Prompt Payer Rate.

How do I pay online?

Deposit into Westpac Bank Account . Use your name as the payee code.


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