shape your relationship

4 Powerful appreciations each day

  1. The first four minutes you both are awake in the morning
  2. Saying “Goodbye”
  3. The first four minutes you are home in the evening
  4. Saying “Goodnight”.

According to Dr. Gary Brainerd, what you do during these times each day has 5 times the impact on your relationship than other times.

Use these critical moments to say or do things that make your partner feel loved.

  1. Give a 60-second full-body hug

Don’t just count the seconds. Use the time to share an appreciation.

  1. Share an appreciation … “One thing I appreciate about you is …”

Take turns. Look into each other’s eyes, finish the statement:

“One thing I appreciate about you is …”

Try a 30-second appreciation one way, then a 30 second appreciation the other way. Giving one. Receiving one. All the while embracing in a 60-second full body hug.

Do this as an ongoing practice in your relationship.