Face-2-Face meetings

You can meet with me in a Face-2-Face session if you live within 35 km of Hamilton. If you live in Auckland, or further out, then let’s meet in a Zoom Session.

Auckland Couples

Meet via Zoom.

Hamilton Couples

Meet Face-2-Face in my Kent Street practice.

If you are in LockDown

During lockdown I meet with couples via ZOOM. It’s easy and does not involve any travel.

Couple Communication Skills

I work with couples who are struggling in their relationship. Couples have a wide variety of challenges that can beset the relationship. I help couples to use relationship tools and new ways of communicating as means to seek lasting change that works.

Not general counselling

I do not offer the generalist services of a community family counsellor; Neither do I work with anxiety, depression or any mental health issues as counsellors do. My work is within the wide area of couple relations and more specifically in finding ways for couples to go-on together in the relationship in some new way, if the old way has stopped working.

Help you to feel heard

In particular, I coach couples in ways to communicate so they feel heard and understood. Ways that are free from criticism, defensiveness, contempt or stonewalling. My work is around helping couples to talk to each other about the big issues in the relationship.