Scope of practice

This document outlines the scope of practice for Hendrik Joseph Ensing trading as Rock Solid Relationships within the New Zealand registerered lookthrough company Heal Limited.

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Date; 1 May 2020


Therapy; any act or process, that relieves tension or is therapeutic.

(θerəpjuːtɪk )
If something is therapeutic, it helps you to relax or to feel better about things, especially about a situation that made you unhappy.
e.g. Astanga Yoga is a therapeutic physical exercise that focuses on breathing and relaxation.

Practisenoun. habitual or customary performance; operation:


Coach and Coaching; is defined as by Anthony M. Grant and Robert M Green in their published paper, Developing clarity on the coaching‐counselling conundrum: Implications for counsellors and psychotherapists, Anthony M. Grant, Robert M. Green
First published: 14 September 2018

Counselling; give professional help and advice to (someone) to resolve problems.

Scope; Scope of practice is the area of the profession in which a relationship practitioner has the knowledge, skills and experience to practise competently, safely and lawfully, in a way that meets standards and does not pose any danger to the public or to themselves. I recognise that a relationship practitioner’s scope of practice will change over time and that the practice of experienced relationship practitioners often becomes more focused and specialised than that of newly qualified relationship practitioners. This might be because of specialisation in a certain area or with a particular client group, or movement into roles in management, education or research.

My scope of practice as a relationship practitioner covers the couple coaching as applied to:

(1) marriage and couple relationships;

(2) resolving relationship problems;

(3) strengthening marriage and couple relationships; and

(4) facilitating couple communication around relationship issues.

Scope of practice engaged in, therefore, is herein defined as relationship therapy, as a desired outcome, through couple coaching around couple relationship communication skills.


Services clearly excluded from my scope of practice are general family counselling, sexual abuse counselling, counselling for resolution of mental health issues, general counselling, psychology and psychiatry. Where the need for these areas arise, I refer to a qualified general family counsellor, psychologist or sexual relationship counsellor.