Couples can set boundaries to make things better in the relationship.

Boundaries can be like rules that you both come up with, to which you both agree.

Some boundaries are around time.

Other boundaries may be about space.

Time Boundaries

Examples of time boundaries include:

Let’s agree to never have Couple Dialog just before work in the morning.

Let’s agree to put all our devices up at dinner time. “All devices on deck” means Face Time only during dinner and all phones go on the side-table so we can all chat about our day.

Let’s agree not to expect each other to reply to any calls or txts during the work day. Except at lunch time.

Let’s agree not to send Hot Topic txts during the work-day. Save them for after work and in the Couple Dialog time.

Spacial Boundaries

Let’s never have couple dialog in the bedroom. Outside in the car is OK. In the park is OK. Just not in the bedroom. The bedroom is for the two S’s, Sleeping and Sex.

Let’s agree not to take work phone calls in the kitchen lounge or bedroom. Let’s keep work chat out of the family space.