Better Couple Communication

The work I do is with couples and couple relationships. If there are issues around trust, intimacy, an apology process, healing past hurts, communicating, feeling heard, or feelings of drifting apart in the relationship, then book a session with me.

My Focus is on Couple Relationships

I work with couples who are struggling in their relationship. Couples have a wide variety of challenges that can challenge the relationship.

Relationship Tools

I help couples to use relationship tools and new ways of communicating as means to seek lasting change that works.

Family Counselling Support

If you need Family Counselling support with addiction, grief, abuse, anxiety, depression or any mental health issues, then may I refer you to Jenny at Courage Counselling in the Western Community Centre, in Nawton, Hamilton.

Couple Relationship Work

If instead of Family Counselling, you need Couple Relationship Work, book a couple session with me. I do not offer family counselling. I specifically work only with couple relationships.

Couple Communication Help

Finding New Ways to Go-On in the Relationship

Sometimes couples need to find new ways to go-on together in the relationship together. If the old way has stopped working a new way forward needs to be created.

Feeling Heard by Your Partner

In particular, I work with couples in a variety of ways around couple communication. If you need to be able to communicate so you feel heard and understood then book a couple session here.

Conversations around the Big Issues

These are ways that are free from criticism, defensiveness, contempt or stonewalling. My work is around helping couples to talk to each other about the big issues in the relationship.