Dating Your Spouse

I recommend dating your spouse every week, at least once.

I’ve spoken with several marriage counsellors and couple therapists across several nations. 

See the key areas they recommend that can help you.

5 ideas to try for couples

I’ve selected five ideas.

These ideas come from couple therapists and marriage counsellors.

Read on and see what you can do for your relationship.



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Having Fun Together

According to Kari Rusnak, a marriage counsellor and Certified Gottman Therapist, “An important aspect of a relationship is quality time and equally important is having fun together.”

“Day to day life can get busy and stressful and unless we are mindful about spending time together we can miss out on connecting with our partner.” 

Marriage counsellor Kari Rusnak further suggests: “Try to plan a weekly date where it’s just the two of you and you can build a connection in your relationship by talking or bonding over something fun.”

Kari Rusnak - Counsellor

Kari Rusnak

Marriage counsellor & Certified Gottman Therapist

12320 Ashley Dr Suite D, Gulfport,

MS 39503, USA.


Go on a fun date once a week

“Couples need to go on a fun date once a week so they can remember why they chose each other” according to Devon Lawrence, marriage counsellor.

“There are many forces in life that tend to pull couples away from each other.

“Without intentional efforts to reconnect in enjoyable ways on a regular basis, most relationships will not survive, let alone thrive.

“Thriving relationships require consistent and intentional actions that bring partners together physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually.”

Devon Lawrence is a psychotherapist and also a marriage counsellor with helpful insights into couple relationships.

Kari Rusnak - Counsellor

Devon Lawrence, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Marriage counsellor


Frequent drops of loving kindness

In addition to insights by a marriage counsellor, Relationship Coach Mark B. McOmber explains that “preventing love loss is much easier and joy-filled than losing and having to rebuild it.”

He advises to “keep the love-light burning with frequent drops of loving kindness, including loving words, acts of service, careful listening, loving touches, and romantic dates and get-aways.”

Kari Rusnak - Counsellor

Mark B. McOmber, LCSW

Life and Relationship Coach


Keep the coupleship grounded and stable

“I would say that “Parents need to date in order to keep their coupleship grounded and stable” said Geoff Nugent, Psychotherapist and marriage counsellor at the Nugent Family Counseling Center.

Geoff says “taking care of the coupleship allows for them to better manage being a parent, friend, partner, lover.”

Kari Rusnak - Counsellor

Geoff Nugent Ph.D, LMFT, LPCC


Nugent Family Counseling Center inc

950 S. Bascom Ave, Ste 2010

San Jose, CA 95128, USA


Plan to have an affair with your partner

Couples need to go out on a fun date each week. Not only is it a break from the stress of jobs, responsibilities, and children, but it can save a marriage” recommends Bill Paul, Clinician who also offers services as a marriage counsellor.

Bill observes that “studies show that doing something fun with someone you’re attracted to is a major cause of having an affair.”

So plan to have an affair with your partner in marriage.

Kari Rusnak - Counsellor

William “Bill” Paul, LMFT


Four Corners Community Behavioral Health, Inc.

575 East 100 South Price,

Utah 84501., USA


Create a ritual to strengthen connections

“Couples need to go out on a fun date each week in order to continue to build and strengthen the quality of their relationship” said marriage counsellor Shirlette Kelly-Ferrari.

“Creating this ritual will help to strengthen the connections and  intimacy needed to grow and improve relationships.”

Kari Rusnak - Counsellor

Shirlette Ferrari

Works as a counsellor and offers services as a marriage counsellor.

What do you prefer?

To go out to a restaurant?  A low-cost picnic?

Share your  spouse-date ideas below?