Conflict Coaching:

I help your Families to Talk about the Tough Issues

I work with families where there is conflict present. Often we have a meeting. Sometimes it takes a few meetings.

When members of the family find it hard to talk, I can help.

I’ve been a member of Resolution Institute for several years.

  • Mediated family conversations
  • Non-directive, party driven mediation
  • Whanau hui and korero
  • Family issues conversations

When you meet with me, I facilitate a structured approach of intentional communication that might not suit all members.

It brings equal sharing of power and control dynamics to the members of the family. This allows each to be able to speak and feel heard.

We discuss options and my role is to scaffold the conversation where all can have a voice. All options are heard and listened to.

If there is anger or upsetness present, I attend to that. These meetings are not always easy, but they can heal families and bring goodwill back into relationships.

I can send out the Invitations

Book a Family session at my Frankton practice in Hamilton to meet with me. Use this link to my online bookings page to see if there are any session times-slots available that suit your family.

I realise that with upset in the family it is difficult to set a time. Also people have busy schedules. I make it possible for you to book online or you can ask me to schedule a time with everbody you want to attend. I can send out the invites.

I also offer some evening sessions. And some sessions on Saturdays, but mostly I meet with families during the day on weekdays.