Reach out to others over LockDown. And reach out for your own support too. You have a support group to reach out to. I hope you count me on your list. I’m here for you.

You’ve been in lockdown for a while. And at Level 4.

Look after the relationship. Use the tools. Have appreciation conversations.

You can also address frustrations using

  • I Feel Statements
  • Couple Dialog Conversations
  • The Relationship tools

Ask each other “Is now a good time to talk?”

Be kind and take time to bond as a couple.

Don’t stay isolated. Reach out to friends and family via txts. Or social media.

Call people to connect every day. Make sure they say safe and have what they need. Or just say Hi to them.

Stay connected over lockdown. And reach out.

Call me if you need couple help.

I’m here to support you both. I don’t charge for short phone conversations over lockdown. So feel free to call if you need relationship support. Or if you simply have any questions.

Henk 027 2284 570