Practice together every day for 15 minutes.

The Couple Dialog is an intentional way you can have a conversation with your partner.

Learning how to communicate will allow you both to speak and feel heard.

Your Hot Topics

If you try to communicate without learning how to communicate, it is likely you will keep in the cycle that is playing out in the relationship.

You may end up arguing or fighting.

Learning the couple dialog skills will mean that the urgent issues you want talk through will have to wait until you have learned how to have the conversation.

Start with Safe Topics

If you can be patient, and practice the couple dialog using safe topics like ‘Appreciations‘ and ‘What Happened To Me Today‘, then you will establish goodwill in the relationship. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to be The Speaker and The Receiver.

Couple Communication Counselling

The First Five Days

Try to practice the Couple Dialog every day for five days.

Each day, ask your partner “Is now a good time to talk?” Then, when it is a good time for you both, practice speaking in the Couple Dialog. Take turns at being The Speaker and The Receiver.

Take Short Turns

Take short turns of about 4 minutes each. Take a turn as The Speaker and as The Receiver. This means you’ll only be practicing the Couple Dialog for 8 minutes a day.

Couples Communication Problems Hamilton

After practicing for nearly a week, you’ll both be ready to begin talking about the big issues and hot topics – with me helping you to learn the process.

Use the Couple Dialog to talk about Hard Issues

You may have come to talk about these hard issues. Putting-off talking about them together for a week can be difficult.

However, when you begin to talk about the big issues, with me helping you learn the communication skills, you can perhaps make much greater progress. Many couples are much improved in using the couple dialog process in their 3rd and 4th sessions.

After that, you may be able to use the couple dialog process at home, to talk about your hot topics. I will also have introduced other relationship tools during the sessions. These other relationship tools can be very helpful in improving communication between you.

You can book here. Kia kite korua (See you both soon)